Welcome to the OregonRocketry website. Here are some updates for the year:

Membership is online! We have created online membership forms and setup PayPal for taking dues. Please head over to the Membership Page for details.

Here is the OROC 2021 Proposed Launch Schedule:

AP Showers, April 23-25
Spring Thunder, May 21-23
NXRS, June 25-27
Summer Skies, July 23-25
(Sod Blaster, Sept. 4-6)
Fillible’s Folly, Sept. 17-19
Rocketober, Oct. 15-17

Once this is finalized, we will update the launch calendar page and the Google Calendar.

Please keep in mind that launch attendance will still likely be limited to members only and have an attendance cap of 100. If you are a member, keep an eye on the email list for details as launches approach. If you are not a member, please contact us at BOD@OregonRocketry.org before attending a launch.

Thank you all!