Group Launch Process

So you’re interested in bringing a group to fly with OROC? Great! Here’s all the details you will need to know that are unique to flying with a group. If you have not already spoken to a board member, please drop a note to the BOD to let us know you’re planning to visit.

Registration Co-ordination

We ask that any group of six or more people please co-ordinate having everyone sign the waiver before you arrive on site. A downloadable paper form will be attached here shortly. Please have a single member of your group come to registration as soon as you arrive (or in advance of the bulk of your group) to check in. They will need the signed waiver for all of your participants and the launch fee payment, we will give them all of the wrist bands for your entire group to distribute to everyone else.

Launch Fees

We have a fairly simple group fee based on the number of people in your group and the level of rockets you plan to fly. Please have your group coordinator either bring cash or a check made out to Oregon Rocketry, or contact the BOD ahead of time to work out an online payment.

Number of People AttendingLow PowerHigh Power
Group launch fee schedule


Q: Two of our people are already members, do they need to be included?
A: Nope! OROC members attending as part of your group do not need to sign the additional waiver (they did as part of becoming a member) or be included in your headcount for the launch fee.

Q: We have folks flying both low and high power, how do we handle that?
A: You’ll need to opt for the high power side of things.

Q: We need to have more than 30 people!
A: Oh wow! That’s going to be a great gathering. Please talk to the board as soon as possible so we can coordinate for that many more people. Note that we may need to bring in extra sanitation facilities, which usually requires extra lead time to plan.

Q: We have people who are support staff, not fliers, do they need to be included?
A: Yes. Everyone on the property must be included in your lists or be a member of the club.

Q: We said we would have 12 people, but due to last minute scheduling issues we only have 8.
A: We can adjust down to a smaller group, no worries. If you are paying with an institutional check, or pre-paid online, we will work with you to get a partial refund as needed.

Q: We said we would have 8 people, but due to last minute vehicular issues we had to take more vehicles which meant we needed more drivers so we have 12 now?
A: Not a problem. We built the groups with a range of people to have some flexibility, if you can fit them in your group’s size, just have them sign the paperwork and let us know the corrected number. If this bumps you to a larger group and your institution has already cut the official check or paid online, talk to the registration table or a board member at the launch and we’ll work out what to do.