Night Launch Policies

The Range Safety Officer will have the final word.

  1. All rockets launched at night must have illumination visible from the launch pad, and visible during all phases of flight. Explanation: This means that all rockets will have some type of active illumination (chemical or electrical) visible externally at the time of launch. The lighting should be visible from all directions. Reflective and phosphorescent materials are allowed only as supplemental light sources. Additional illumination may also be stored internally for deployment/activation with the recovery system.
  2. Recovery for night launches will be by parachute only. Explanation: Streamer and tumble recovery will not be allowed. Given the conditions inherent at night, slow recovery systems should minimize potential risks.
  3. All persons participating in the recovery of rockets at night launches will carry illumination. Explanation: This is to allow the RSO and LCO to keep track of people in the field.
  4. Night Launch hours are from 7:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.