About Our Club

  • What is the first thing I should do?
    Become a member!  Joining a new club can be intimidating, but we are a friendly bunch! Come to the monthly meetings! The best thing you can do is introduce yourself, get to know people, and ask questions. The monthly meetings are an excellent forum for discussion.
  • What are the poeple like?
    OregonRocketry members are a great group of people. You, your family, and friends should all feel welcome. A friendly environment is the norm. Again, the best place to meet people and ask questions is the monthly meetings. Check our calendar for the next meeting. Some of us are chattier than others, but we all love rocketry and appreciate people who are excited to learn with us.
  • Are you open to rocketry newbies?
    Definitely! We were all newbies once upon a time, and we all have stories to prove it! And don’t let anyone tell you they know how to do it all. There are many facets to rocketry, and we are all learning new things all the time. One of us may be an expert on staging but not know hardly anything about research motors. Another flier might have a wealth of knowledge on composite layups but not know a thing about custom configurations for flight computers. You might not know what any of those things are, and that’s fine too!
  • Is there a test for joining?
    No. You simply need to complete the membership application, sign a release, and pay your dues.
  • Why do you ask about skills on the application?
    We typically have 100+ members each year. We have a large collection of varying skills. In the event we have specific club needs, we might rely upon the skills of willing members. It’s not a resume, so you’ll never be questioned or tested.
  • Do I need to be a member to fly at launches?
    No. We’d prefer you to join. But it’s not required. Check the membership page for more information about how and why to become a member. Garden Home launches are always free and open to the public.
  • Can I certify with OregonRocketry?
    Yes and no. You are welcome to gain your certification at any OregonRocketry launch, but certifications are issued by one of the national organizations; either National Association of Rocketry or Tripoli Rocketry Association. You must be a member of at least one of the national associations and complete certifications based on their guidelines.